Thank you for practicing yoga.  I believe that the more we work to know, love and honor ourselves, the more compassionately and clearly we can see and connect with others.  I believe that by granting ourselves respite, we are better able to serve. As the weather takes a turn toward cold, we may be enticed to stay at home more. I encourage you to view this time as an opportunity for self-study and care. 

Sloka 2.40 in the Bhagavad Gita offers that in the practice of yoga, no effort is lost.  Persist with the efforts that restore harmony within and without.  

Here are a few ways to connect this month:

Complimentary Check In Chat – You may be seeking a partner in self-care. At the beginning of this potentially stressful time of year, I offer you a way to connect and find strength in support. I host 30 minute meetings via Zoom in which I hold space to welcome you as you are and address any needs you express. This time can be used to vent, receive personal guidance for your yoga asana and meditation practice, to build a stress management tool kit, to add self care practices to your daily routines, or to spend some time in deep rest through restorative yoga. 

Click here to schedule your check in chat.  

Expand Module of the in-depth yoga studies and teacher training program  – Three weekends of deep self care immersed in the brilliance of yoga. You can join this program as a yoga practitioner committed to the entire program, or as a graduate of a yoga teacher training who needs continuing education credits, or you can create solid ground for your life with a deep dive into yoga philosophy and lifestyle.

Expand your understanding of yoga as an integrative wellness system and spiritual practice.  The first module of training sets the foundation for study. You will learn about yoga philosophy and become established in personal practice including individualized approaches to asana, meditation, pranayama, and daily routines. 
Receive guideposts for self inquiry that lead to increased awareness, discernment and skillful action.  Gain clarity and confidence to make the choices that support your growth. 

Options to participate online or in-person. Email me to learn more and reserve your spot.