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My name is Meghan Hogan.  I’m a process-oriented guide sharing the teachings of the 8 limb path of yoga.  This means I incorporate philosophical tenets, breath awareness, meditation, and yoga postures into the experiences I facilitate.  My offerings prioritize building new skills while holding space for remembering the tools we already have to embrace more fully, and struggle less willfully against, the experience of being human.

Two descriptions of yoga that resonate deeply with me are “Yoga is skillful action.” and “Yoga is an energy management system.”.  My classes and programs are designed to help you reclaim your energy and skillfully navigate your life.  


Classes & Events


A more in-depth study of yoga priciples and techniques, workshops and series can be focused on Rejuvenation, Stress Management or Meditation.

Students are Saying…

Meditation 101 with Meghan is not just a class for ‘yoga-experienced people.’  She gives you multiple types of tools, plus quiet space, for *you* to find a method that works to find peace in your day. Facilitating  a class via Zoom for this purpose can not be easy, but she makes it work very well. Everyone can find something helpful in this class!


Take weekly yoga classes at home!

Self Guided Programs

Learn in your own time, at your own pace.

Our lives are filled with responsibility. Often what we may want to fit into our schedules doesn’t make the cut. Click the button below to visit my Self-Guided page to find options to learn yoga on your schedule.

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Yoga Vidya In-depth Studies & Teacher Training Program 

Candidates for this program are:
– Curious about more than the physical aspect of yoga practice
– Welcoming a collaborative, process-oriented approach to learning
– Willing to prioritize building a personal practice, allowing this to inform the expansion into teaching


We’ll develop daily routines based in understanding of dosha, explore tools for observing and shifting habitual thought and movement patterns, study the relationship between breathing techniques and the nervous system, practice deep relaxation in restorative yoga, learn to design inspiring class sequences that incorporate yoga philosophy and facilitate particular biomechanical and energetic effects.


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