Breathing Easy 

Stress Management Course

Bring ease into the body, quiet into the mind, effortlessness into the breath.

Breathing Easy is a self-guided yoga series that focuses on breathing techniques (pranayam) to support nervous system regulation. As you practice drawing the breath deeper into the body you will access the body’s natural capacity for calming and healing.

There are many ways to be in your body and experience an optimal breath. If the floor is accessable to you, you can use a folded blanket or a pillow to support an easeful posture and a tall spine. Alternatively, you can lie down on the floor, sit on a chair or even on the edge of your bed.

I welcome your questions and observations.

Please feel free to email me if you need guidance.

*This course is for education purposes only. Please consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine. No part of this program should be considered medical advice.

*All sales are final. There are no refunds. 

The Breathing Easy Lessons


The Nervous System

Learn about the autonomic nervous system so you can understand how the stress response is helpful as well as reduce the negative effects of chronic stress over time.


Breathing Deeply with Awareness

Experience diaphragmatic breathing in the body and notice its effects on your state of mind. Build the ability to re-frame, re-focus and make decisions from a place of clarity.


Breathing Techniques for Calming

Practice two techniques you can use any time to create more calm within yourself. The breath is always with you: harness it as a tool to meet the ups and downs of life as it comes.


Soothing Asana Practice

Practice postures to unwind tension and gripping in the body. Realign in a way that allows you to breathe and move more freely and fully, with greater ease and less pain.