May you walk with maitri through the known and into the unknown.
May maitri be alive in you through each moment of this New Year. 

The cultivation of maitri, a brahmavihara or sublime attitude, which Pema Chodron describes as “unconditional friendliness toward oneself”,  has been a key throughline in my teaching and practice of yoga.  My experience is that contemplating loving-kindness and benevolence and immersing myself in their essence has allowed me to be more forgiving, more wholly accepting of myself and more willing to allow for the entirety of my experiences.  This reduces the tendency to struggle against what is true in a given moment and opens the door to tempering fear with curiosity.  This expanded perspective and compassion invariably leads to clearer understanding and deeper connection with the people I encounter. 

Let’s move with maitri and revel in the ripple effect this New Year. Take time for contemplation or meditation on the idea of friendliness to increase its effects in your life.