“Where is the movement initiated?” 

It’s an inquiry we explore during yoga teacher training.  Am I moving from momentum and habit or a conscious, intentional action?  When is either of these helpful?  What is the thought or feeling that precedes and gives rise to this action?  We can be with this inquiry as it relates to the movement of our physical bodies in yoga postures, the movement of our minds, and our daily actions.

As we welcome September, we also enter a season where motion can be more palpably felt in the environment.  Wind increases, temperature, light and moisture shift, the Earth changes colors.  There is a stirring in the air.  Meanwhile, back to school transitions are occurring and accompanying changes in routine may present.

This is a wonderful time to add some grounding practices into your daily routine. You might try this solid ground meditation practice to help you carry steadiness within as you navigate this seasonal change and anything else that may be stirring for you.