Yoga Sutra 1.20 presents traits to cultivate to support perseverance and aspiration in the practice of yoga. 
Pandit Rajmani Tigunait writes, “These virtues help us persist in our quest when obstacles such as carelessness, misunderstanding, fatigue, and frustration tempt us to quit.” 

In last week’s class, we focused on one of these traits: smriti.  Smriti is retentive power or the ability to recollect.  My invitation to you is to acknowledge the obstacles you may face  as you navigate an ever-changing landscape and to also *remember* what has worked for you.  You have knowledge, experience and wisdom.  Remember the practices that increase your sense of feeling grounded, connected and clear.  Remember the felt sense experience of those qualities in your body and mind. 
When you feel scattered or anxious, collect these moments in your awareness and allow that recollection to hold you as you move forward. 

Below is a short practice for you to use when you are in that scattered mainframe. I hope it helps you remember your innate oneness.

If you are called to dive more deeply into these practices, whether for yourself or to share with others, visit the Teacher Training page of my website to learn how deeply we delve into the practice of yoga.