“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you!”— Anne Lamott.

Have you heard this saying before?  You already know I’m a fan of unplugging:  You’ve heard me speak to rest for the sake of rest and together we’ve explored the assertion that stillness is a source of skillful action.  Maybe you’ve received my invitation to periodically “unsubscribe” from the inputs that flood your mental inbox and sensory system. 

Whatever the case, you are practicing appreciating the value of unplugging and now I want you to consider what you can plug in to.  In addition to providing the benefits of self care, stress management, and relaxation, the practice of yoga – specifically the practice of meditation – provides an opportunity to “plug in” to a source of indwelling joy that is beyond all sorrow.  I can’t think of any gift I’d like to share with you more than this knowing.

Practice unplugging from what overwhelms and plugging into what sustains with Meditation 101 Series beginning in January 2022.

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