I just finished updating the slides and resources for my upcoming stress management and meditation workshops and I can’t wait to share them with you! 

As a practitioner of yoga, you have likely become familiar with the term pranayama. You may understand pranayama to be the breathing exercises offered at the beginning, end or throughout a hatha yoga class. You may have learned a bit or a lot about the influence of breath patterns and ratios on the nervous system. 
More than likely, you have experienced the simple pleasure and undeniable power of taking a few complete, nourishing, uninterrupted breaths (I know, they feel hard to come by but must it be so!?). 

My offerings in March will take you into a deeper appreciation of the differences and similarities between breathing exercises and pranayama and into a direct experience of the spaciousness and ease underlying tension and rigidity. Additionally, we will explore the subdivisions of prana (prana vayu) and observe what nourishes, depletes and sustains this vital life energy. 

Breathing Easy is a 2 hour online stress management workshop with instructional and experiential components featuring 3 key practices you can apply with little time and honest effort to shift your relationship to stress. 

Meditation 102: Energy Tracing is a weekly virtual meetup with doses of inspiration, journal prompts and practice tips delivered between sessions to keep you intent and connected in your practice. 

These offerings contain some of the teachings and techniques I am most grateful for, that have had an immediate and ongoing positive impact on my experience of life, and it will be my joy to share them with you!

Can’t make the sessions this time around?  Want a preview of one of the practices we’ll explore? 

Click here: Point to point relaxation with Sarah Guglielmi.

Meghan Hogan, E-RYT 500, CCC-SLP is Lead Faculty for the Yoga Vidya Teacher Training and In-Depth Studies program, a Speech-Language Pathologist supporting preschool children with disabilities and their families, a wife and mother. 

Her mission in sharing yoga is to provide caregivers of all walks of life tools for self-care and stress management.