In our home this month we kicked off our first (planned) year of home schooling, the boys started soccer, we had a wonderful visit with family, celebrated Lucas’ 8th (!!) birthday, and I prepped for a new role in my work as an SLP!

Phew! Anybody else have that shift to “all systems go” recently?

I’ve had to embrace resting as part of recalibrating to this new rhythm. I’m thankful that my yoga practice has helped me trust and tune in to the natural flow of things, as well as to better know what my tendencies and needs are. Bursts of activity and creativity followed by crashing were my norm. I’m getting better now at planning so I can sustain my energy, asking for and allowing help, resting on purpose, and more confidently declining things that deplete me. Not fancy, but absolutely life enhancing.

I have a restorative yoga series coming up in October (see details below) if you’d like to practice this resting on purpose thing – and – I’ve pushed the start date of yoga teacher training to November to allow folks a bit more time to navigate this back to school time before coming back to school themselves!

Would you let your friends and colleagues know I’m looking for four more participants for this program? We’ll meet one weekend/month from November-June. You can send them to this page. Thank you!

The Autumnal Equinox happens this Wednesday the 22nd. 

Transitions feel destabilizing but when we recognize them as a natural part of transformation and as impermanent, and as we cultivate connection to that which does not change, we are freed to birth the moment anew.

Transitions, to varying degrees, bring the opportunity to release obstacles to progress, to draw strength, patience, trust, faith – whatever is needed from the depths of one’s soul, to lean into the wisdom and support of those who rode the waves before you, and to arrive in a place where surrender and will are complementary.