Private Yoga Sessions

Join Meghan in an exploration of a more traditional approach to yoga in a one on one setting. 

Commit to a deeper, more individualized yoga practice, one guided by a teacher who has the experience and education needed to tailor practices to your specific needs and intentions.

Use the form below set up a consultation with Meghan.

Informed by the wisdom of yoga philosophy and pillars of ayurveda Meghan weaves together:

*breathing exercises

*movement practices

*supported self inquiry

*guided relaxation


to create a holistic experience in a supportive environment.

* Understand the basic poses of yoga and how to embody these postures in your unique physical form

* Develop confidence to practice in a group setting

*Address concerns such as disrupted sleep or low back pain

* Establish or deepen a meditation practice

* Manage stress, stave off burnout

*Improve concentration

*Develop a daily routine or self care practice that supports greater wellbeing

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